Blister Cards


  •  Combo Pricing - price break even on small orders
  •  No plate or die charges
  •  choose the format that suits your needs


  • regular or heavy duty options
  • fast delivery
  • order only what you need
  • Blister Card - face seal
  • Mock Clam Shell
  • Full Face
  • Trapped 2 piece blister - reclose-able back
  • Trapped 2 piece blister
  • Trapped Blister
  • Face Seal - Rendering
  • Face Seal card and blister
  • Club Pack
  • Club Pack Rendering
  • 4/4 blister card

Many possible formats providing a variety of packaging solutions;

Face Seal

Gets your product on the shelf quickly and economically.

Fold-over (trapped blister)

Provides a cleaner look with a hidden flange, additional strength and full colour front and back.  

Full face or Mock Clam

The look and protection of a clamshell.  The paperboard card back provides easier access and a reduced Co2 footprint.  

Club Pack

Utilizes a thicker and more durable paperboard combined with a thermoformed blister to provide an affordable, durable and sustainable package.