• John Hagarty

    John Hagarty

    Holding an HBA from the Ivey School of Business, John began his career working for John Deere in Ontario and throughout Western Canada. Since then John has worked for a national accounting firm and as an accountant and general manager in a plastic coating company and for an integrated farm and processing operation. John joined H J Jones Packaging in 1995 as a valuable member of the sales and marketing team. John has continued to work in the packaging industry, forming a partnership with Doug in 2011. John continues to learn about and enjoy all aspects of the packaging business. Above all, he is happiest when working with and providing individualized service to customers and associates across Canada.


    Douglas JonesDouglas Jones was an experienced packaging executive, leader and innovator. For many years, with H. J. Jones-Sons, a family business that evolved into a leader in visual packaging with a market in Canada and in the USA. Later, Doug worked in partnership with John at J&D Packaging Sales, until his passing in April 2018.  He will always be missed and forever in the spirit of our ongoing work.


J&D Packaging Sales continues to represent the best in visual packing in North America. 

John will find the right fit for your needs and source the products and services at the prices you demand. He provides solutions to your packaging needs and guarantees 100% personal involvement in your project.

Added Value

John can provide ideas for all types of packaging. To help bring your package to life, he will help with structural design, conceptual renderings, cad cut samples and mock-ups. Prototypes, production samples and seal testing are also a key aspect of the services he provides. He will “trouble shoot” a packaging failure and recommend solutions to any problem relating to printed packaging materials and/or package sealing equipment. Backed up by a team of structural and packaging engineers, John will isolate and help correct the problem. In addition, he will provide information on equipment or recommend thirdparty contract packagers for package assembly for all types of visual packaging including specialty packaging for “Club” stores.